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Peppermint oil for Hair Health

Published January 11, 2016 by minxie68

Benefits of Peppermint oil for hair

Some organic oils can really help to grow healthy hair and keep it that way. We have already discussed coconut oil and some others. The discussion continues with some organic oils and their good effects.


Peppermint Oil – A few drops on the scalp followed by massage can help stimulate the hair follicles and help growth. It has relaxing effect on the brain as well and can be used a s a relaxant as well. However the oil should be diluted before application as the oil selling in market as peppermint oil is concentrated. There are many ways peppermint oil is beneficial for the scalp and hair.

  • Balances oil and pH on scalp – Peppermint oil is a natural astringent. It helps reduce excess oil production from glands on your scalp. This helps in maintaining the right pH for hair growth.
  • Removes dryness and dandruff – Without making the scalp oily. peppermint oil helps remove dryness which in turn effectively removes dandruff as a problem for your hair.
  • A natural moisturizer – The peppermint oil is a natural moisturizer. It can be applied to hair after washing it for the best effect.
  • Prevents hair loss – Scalp massage with peppermint oil helps increase blood supply to scalp. This helps to keep the hair roots healthy and prevents hair loss.

Coconut Oil For Hair

Published March 15, 2015 by minxie68

As you may know I am curious about all different types of treatments, tips and what not for hair. I’ve tried numerous things to help smooth out and keep my thick hair healthy. A new more natural way to benefit hair might using coconut oil.  Coconut oil is said to have benefits for black and textured hair types. Some of these benefits include it being a protein re-constructor, a moisturizer, and helping seal hair by keeping flyaway frizzy hairs smooth. Others claim that it is a great serum for straightening hair.


Where can one buy coconut oil? As it is traditionally used for cooking, the best place to buy a jar of coconut oil is at a health food score. Organic, virgin coconut oil is the one to buy,refined coconut oil is to be avoided.  Don’t be alarmed if it is solid when you buy it. Coconut oil is liquid above 75 degrees F (25 C), otherwise it is solid.

Besides benefits for the hair, coconut oil can be used for a number of other things, such as a makeup remover, a moisturizer for dry skin, etc. What is not to love? I decided to try out a homemade coconut oil treatment on my hair to see how it worked out.

What I did:

  • Took a large spoonful of coconut oil in my hands
  • Massaged it in my hair all over especially in the dry parts (avoiding my roots)
  • Pinned it up in a bun
  • Waited 30 minutes
  • Washed and conditioned my hair as normal (depending on your hair, washing it twice might be necessary)
  • Styled my hair as usual

Voila! I was amazed with the amazing soft, healthy feeling hair after trying this out. I will definitely be doing this more often in the future!