Go Smooth with Apple Cider Vinegar on Your Hair

Published September 6, 2015 by minxie68

Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair I haven’t got a fortune to spend on expensive beauty products, besides, I like to use products that are more natural and kinder to my hair and skin. Apple cider vinegar isn’t only a useful health tonic, I’ve discovered it has heaps of amazing benefits and is a good product to always have in your medicine cupboard. It is a great  beauty product that anyone on a tight budget can benefit from.  Have you ever found that after a while of washing your hair, it is lank and lifeless. Somebody told me it’s called product build-up and to try apple cider vinegar to get rid of this gunk from my hair. Apple cider vinegar did more than this for me.


I was thrilled to see how soft and smooth my hair was when I rinsed it with apple cider vinegar. It seemed to make it more frizz-free and soft.  After I shampooed my hair, I put 2 tablespoons of ACV to 8oz of water. Just put it in a spray bottle and spray over your hair. I now use it regularly as part of my daily hair routine. Let me know if you’ve got any useful tips like this that are affordable and which work.


Tips to keep your Hair Shiny

Published July 5, 2015 by minxie68


Shiny hair is beautiful

When the hair basks in the light gives a shine it is very nice. Is it not? The question is how to keep it shiny and healthy always. Hair is always exposes to dust and pollution and the detergent in your shampoo. So how do you keep it shiny? Here are a few tips.

  • Color with natural colors – Yes the synthetic colors remain there for long but also damage your hair. It also takes away the shine from your hair. So be prudent and use the chemical colors which contain ammonia very sparingly.
  • Shampoo Less – Those of you who have oily hair may want to shampoo everyday. Avoid that, and shampoo only twice  a week. Any shampoo contains detergent which is not good for hair health. Use organic shampoo if possible.
  • Conditioner use – Generally we use conditioner after shampooing. However the healthier way is to condition first and then shampoo. It will keep your hair protected from detergent.
  • Protect from heat driers – Drying air with a blower is sometimes necessary, but do not become a regular. Use dryers very sparingly.
  • Use light weight rollers – When curling your hair use rollers less in weight. This will minimize breakage.
  • Apply curd weekly – Curd will not only help remove dandruff but will nourish your hair too.
  • Protect from Sun – When going out in the sun protect your hair from direct sun. It will dry your hair and damage will happen.
  • Trim the split ends every six weeks – Trim the split ends every six weeks . It will help your hair grow with health.

Hello to Mousse and Goodbye to Hairdryers and Heated Rollers

Published May 2, 2015 by minxie68

No matter what your hair texture, everybody basically wants soft and shiny hair without worrying about it falling flat and limp. I find that Winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair. Not only that to make matters worse, I find myself using my hairdryer far longer than I should just to get that warm air onto my wet scalp after washing. Of course then I have to wonder why I’m left with dry, dull and brittle hair. So I’d say tip number 1 is to rather rough-dry your hair all over to remove that excess dampness. This is to reduce the amount of heat you’ll use on your hair which will be far less damaging for your hair.

If you hair needs a bit of body in the Winter, look at a good mousse for styling. I can vouch for mousse to make hair management really simple. Instead of using the heat of the dryer to style your hair, making it limp and flat, rather go the easy route like me. I went for a mouse that said ‘Extra Body. I smoothed it on and finger-styled my hair into twirls the way I like it. With just a minute of hair drying and then putting this mouse through my tresses, I’ve achieved shiny, soft and natural looking waves in my hair.

The type of products we use on our hair certainly makes a difference to the way it looks and to the overall health of your hair. I’m sick and tired of Winter hair blueshaircare. Using less of a hairdryer and more mousse has given more more freedom with styling simply because my hair is bouncier, more lively and definitely more shiny. I’ve said goodbye to dehydration and no longer use heated rollers on my hair. Ive noticed without all the heat on my hair, that annoying static also prevents that annoying flyaway look.

Somebody told me the other day that not using a hairdryer lessens the effects of thinning and brittleness, and this has spurred me on even more towards my quest for great looking hair.

Coconut Oil For Hair

Published March 15, 2015 by minxie68

As you may know I am curious about all different types of treatments, tips and what not for hair. I’ve tried numerous things to help smooth out and keep my thick hair healthy. A new more natural way to benefit hair might using coconut oil.  Coconut oil is said to have benefits for black and textured hair types. Some of these benefits include it being a protein re-constructor, a moisturizer, and helping seal hair by keeping flyaway frizzy hairs smooth. Others claim that it is a great serum for straightening hair.


Where can one buy coconut oil? As it is traditionally used for cooking, the best place to buy a jar of coconut oil is at a health food score. Organic, virgin coconut oil is the one to buy,refined coconut oil is to be avoided.  Don’t be alarmed if it is solid when you buy it. Coconut oil is liquid above 75 degrees F (25 C), otherwise it is solid.

Besides benefits for the hair, coconut oil can be used for a number of other things, such as a makeup remover, a moisturizer for dry skin, etc. What is not to love? I decided to try out a homemade coconut oil treatment on my hair to see how it worked out.

What I did:

  • Took a large spoonful of coconut oil in my hands
  • Massaged it in my hair all over especially in the dry parts (avoiding my roots)
  • Pinned it up in a bun
  • Waited 30 minutes
  • Washed and conditioned my hair as normal (depending on your hair, washing it twice might be necessary)
  • Styled my hair as usual

Voila! I was amazed with the amazing soft, healthy feeling hair after trying this out. I will definitely be doing this more often in the future!


Is Your Hair Giving You Pimples?

Published February 10, 2015 by minxie68

Your hair products might cost more than money.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a pimple free face. As our nonverbal introduction message for the world, you don’t want to use pimple causing products on your face. Did you know that you don’t want pimple causing products in your hair, or on your scalp, either?

That’s right. It seems only logical that you would be careful with products on your hair because, when wearing it loose, it can touch your forehead and, depending on length, brush against your cheeks. Anything you have put on your hair will find its way to your face. It’s even more important if you use products on your scalp. Why? Because hair products, especially those containing petroleum products like petroleum jelly (aka “petrolatum”) and mineral oil, slowly flow down from the scalp to your forehead, and continue downward. They also move down to the back of your neck, which can lead to pimples there and on your upper back.

To avoid hair product break-outs:

  • Avoid products with petroleum, petrolatum, Vaseline, or mineral oil listed in the ingredients.
  • Wear hair up and blot your forehead a few times a day.
  • Use products with natural ingredients.
  • Use leave-in conditioners and hair moisturizing oils sparingly.

Changing a few habits can result in a clearer complexion, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Keep reading labels and, if you feel really ambitious, keep a hair journal to track your progress, and to compare your outbreaks against the hair products you use.

Good Luck!



Can Preventing Tangles Mean Thicker Hair?

Published January 31, 2015 by minxie68

Gentle Detangling is the path to thicker hair


It may be difficult to accept, but some hair isn’t made to be combed through! It’s a wonder that anyone with curly or kinky hair has any left when every message we get says you must be able to comb through your hair for proper grooming. Fortunately, that’s not true for everyone.

Once chemically straightened, kinky-curly hair returns to its natural texture tangles will be the rule, and not the exception. When you reach that point, it’s time to switch from comb or pick detangling to using your fingers to work through tangles. Doing so keeps you from ripping out hair, with follicles attached, which leads to thinner and thinner tresses. Your fingers can feel every knot and you can stop your hand’s downward progression before pushing hair into a tighter tangle. Adding a leave-in conditioner to your fingertips lets you work the smoothing and softening agents through every section of hair, thoroughly.

Another method for avoiding tangles is washing your hair in loosely braided sections. Dividing hair into 4 to 8 loosely braided sections keep the ends from wrapping around each other and leaves hair loose enough, at the scalp, to allow thorough shampooing. Creating large section, instead of a head full of tiny braids, limits breakage. Switching to these gentler techniques should help your hair grow thicker if you set aside plenty of time, and ignore your picks and fine tooth combs.