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Hair dye and health issues

Published September 23, 2016 by minxie68

Seeing Red

Hair dye and health issues have become a part of extensive research and study. You may think that the colour you choose for your hair can be a part of your personal style. Most people assume that colouring hair is safe, quick and easy and something that no longer needs to be done at a salon and can be done privately at home. Although, hair colour manufacturers do extensive laboratory research in the production there are still many harmful chemicals present in the dye. Everything appears safe at first, but there are 7 toxic chemicals found in most temporary, semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes. 5000 different chemicals are used in hair dyes some of which are slow poisons and carcinogens. avoid these 7 toxic chemicals found in most hair dyes to be safe. The chemicals are phenylenediamine (PPD), ammonia, parabens, lead acetate, DMDM Hydantoin, hydrogen peroxide and resorcinol. All these ingredients can cause various ailments like anaemia, neurological problems, scalp irritations and allergens. Hair dye and health are related, and one must always look up the ingredients before trying it. So, next time you want to colour your hair be careful.