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Hair care gifts that make the perfect present

Published November 15, 2016 by minxie68

Looking for the perfect gift? Not sure what to buy the friend that already has everything? Why not buy them hair care gifts? Most of us might not have thought about giving someone hair products as a gift, but our hair often needs that little bit of extra care, especially in the winter. The gift could be cool handmade natural hair products which you could arrange in a small basket or a few high-end products from a salon. If you know what sort of hair type your friend has, then you could always look at products especially for him/her. Hair care gifts are often really appreciated as the person you’re buying them for might not even have thought to buy these products for themselves. If you’re unsure about buying products as a gift, you could always book him/her in for a treatment at your local salon. The good thing about giving these sort of gifts is that you actually have a lot of options. Happy, relaxed gift giving!

Hair care gifts - A great gift idea for friends


Tips to keep your Hair Shiny

Published July 5, 2015 by minxie68


Shiny hair is beautiful

When the hair basks in the light gives a shine it is very nice. Is it not? The question is how to keep it shiny and healthy always. Hair is always exposes to dust and pollution and the detergent in your shampoo. So how do you keep it shiny? Here are a few tips.

  • Color with natural colors – Yes the synthetic colors remain there for long but also damage your hair. It also takes away the shine from your hair. So be prudent and use the chemical colors which contain ammonia very sparingly.
  • Shampoo Less – Those of you who have oily hair may want to shampoo everyday. Avoid that, and shampoo only twice  a week. Any shampoo contains detergent which is not good for hair health. Use organic shampoo if possible.
  • Conditioner use – Generally we use conditioner after shampooing. However the healthier way is to condition first and then shampoo. It will keep your hair protected from detergent.
  • Protect from heat driers – Drying air with a blower is sometimes necessary, but do not become a regular. Use dryers very sparingly.
  • Use light weight rollers – When curling your hair use rollers less in weight. This will minimize breakage.
  • Apply curd weekly – Curd will not only help remove dandruff but will nourish your hair too.
  • Protect from Sun – When going out in the sun protect your hair from direct sun. It will dry your hair and damage will happen.
  • Trim the split ends every six weeks – Trim the split ends every six weeks . It will help your hair grow with health.